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A general practice Norfolk lawyer in a local law office provides easy access to professional legal solutions. Our local Norfolk office is backed by a network of attorneys which afford a pool of legal expertise to assist in any problem areas you case might present. As a Norfolk client you will enjoy the best of both possibilities, local easily accessible service for a broad range of practice areas and attorneys with extensive experience in the particular matter you are faced with. Your case is too important to trust to just any attorney and your time to valuable to spend it trying to locate a lawyer with the exact experience needed for you particular matter. You can have an easily accessible Norfolk lawyer familiar with the Norfolk court system and judges with whom you have report and who has a specific interest in you and your matter and still have an attorney on your case with extensive experience in the particular legal matter you are currently facing. The Norfolk law office of the Alliance Legal Group is a Christian general practice law firm offering the following legal services to clients in the Norfolk area:

Family Law

All aspects of family law including but not limited to: adoption, custody, visitation, child support, separation and divorce.Most family law issues result from divorce actions. The Norfolk attorney of the alliance group is experienced in both contested divorce and uncontested divorce proceedings. Free Norfolk Divorce Lawyer Child Support Calculator

Personal Injury

All aspects of personal injury including but not limited to: personal injury claims resulting from auto accidents, wrongful death, serious injury, and product and property liability.Lawyers providing personal injury services are experienced in both personal injury settlement and personal injury litigation

Reckless Driving and Traffic law

All aspects of traffic law including but not limited to: reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, speeding, dui, dwi, tickets and citations for other traffic infractions.


All aspects of bankruptcy including but not limited to: chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy counseling,foreclosure, garnishments, warrant in debts, debt work outs, credit counseling.Bankruptcy attorneys in all Norfolk locations are sworn in before the Norfolk bankruptcy courts. Your Norfolk Bankruptcy attorney can help you determine what type of Bankruptcy you qualify for by using our free Bankruptcy Means Test.

Criminal Defense

All aspects of legal criminal defence and representation for criminal offenses including but not limited to: felony, misdemeanor, arraignments, Bond hearings, domestic violence, drug charges. Attorneys experienced in defense of criminal charges can assist in setting bond, negotiating a plea bargain often for a lesser charge or reduced or alternative sentence.

Property and Real-Estate

All aspects including but not limited to: contracts, closings, dispute settlement and litigation

Estate Planning and Social Security

Estate lawyers in our Estate Planning department prepare wills, trusts, power of attorney and name changes.

Norfolk Law Office (Wards Corner) 7508 Granby St Norfolk, VA 23505 447-4078 Norfolk Law Office(Newtown) 735 Newtown Rd Norfolk, VA 23502 828-0064
Norfolk General District Court 100 St. Pauls Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23510 Phone: (757) 664-4580 Norfolk Circuit Court 100 St. Paul's Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23510-2773 Phone: (757) 664-4580 Juvenile and domestic relations District Ct 800 East City Hall Avenue Norfolk, VA 23510-2727 Phone: (757) 664-7340 U.S. Bankruptcy Court 600 Granby Street 4th Floor Norfolk, VA 23510 phone (757) 222-7500

The Norfolk attorney hired by the Alliance legal Group is a conveniently located Christian attorney. He is a Norfolk lawyer licensed to practice in your local Norfolk courts. A Norfolk attorney familiar with local rules and practices is therefore well positioned to know how best to address the system on your behalf. Our Norfolk lawyer is a general practice attorney who specializes in areas such as Bankruptcy, Accident and Personal injury, and Divorce and Family Law.

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